do you ever start eating something and think “man i don’t even want this”

but then you just keep eating it

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the black panthers cackle as they rub their hands together. “lmao soon all these fuckin kids are gonna have free breakfast,” they whisper, “all of them”

Lol I love this

*If you don’t understand, The Black Panther Party for Self Defense is the group that started free breakfast programs. You don’t hear bout that though

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  • me everyday:

    well that was stupid




"u know that feel when no gf" no actually i dont because im a MANLY MAN who plays SEVERAL sports am i right my fellow sportsmen

name all seven sports

  1. ball throw
  2. ball catch
  3. ball run
  4. ball kick
  5. shoot ball
  6. dong touch
  7. memes

get fuckin wrecked

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english language majors are the BEST ONES because they READ the BOOKS and KNOW about BOOKS and LITERACY BOOKS

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My personal beauty story… Is to be happy on the inside, in love with life, and moisturize. (x)

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I just adore that Americans qualify it as “horseback riding”. Like no I will not be riding on that horse’s head. Not on its tail. Not its feet. Its back. Of all the logical places to ride on a horse I need you to know it will be its back upon which I will be riding.

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